IMPartners Law Firm was founded in 2000; it brings together a team of professionals, who implement the effective and consistent legal activities both in the Ukrainian and international level by providing comprehensive legal assistance of a high quality.

At present Law Company “IMPartners” brings together more than ten professionals, specializing in various areas of law and have extensive legal experience. Also our company collaborates with the scientists of leading scientific legal institutions.

The main priorities of the Law Company activity are the providing of legal services in economic (commercial) law, corporate law and M&A, investment, tax, customs, financial, insurance, antitrust, land law, intellectual property rights and the law in real estate. Specialists of the law firm also effectively provide legal services in other areas of law.

Law Company “IMPartners” pays a lot of attention to the legal support to the foreign economic and investment activities, legal service of the foreign entities and citizens of the foreign countries, as well as provides legal assistance to our clients abroad.

Law Company “IMPartners” works closely with legal, consulting companies and bar associations in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania.

Among our customers we have the companies of small, middle-sized and big business in the field of trade, construction, manufacturing, services, banking and finance, state and municipal sectors of economy, as well as the private entrepreneurs and individuals.

Throughout its activities Law Company “IMPartners” adheres to the ethical traditions and principles of legal activity conducting, that in combination with the professionalism, continuous self-improvement, knowledge and understanding of the customer needs, flexible pricing policy is the key to the successful and effective protection of the rights and interests of our clients.